Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday Morning Write Up

This is part one of my new weekly blog series called "Monday Morning Write Up". Each week I will write a piece on an Etsian I've bought from in the past. This very first Write Up is about The Monkey Shop. The Monkey Shop is run by Dulce who sells sock monkeys, sock puppies, purses, and keychains. I found her wonderful shop while doing my holiday toy shopping on Etsy. There was so much to choose from that it was tough to make a decision. Finally I decided on a super cute yellow monkey for my son and an adorable little caramel puppy with a green scarf for my daughter. The kids loved them immediately. Dan, the monkey, is sleeping with my four year old right now. And Billy, the puppy, follows his new mommy everywhere she goes.

The Monkey Shop has humorous item descriptions, a very nice selection of toys in different sizes and colors, and even a "do it yourself kit" for people more adverturous than I. If you have kids of your own or just want to pick out the perfect gift for someone else's kid, then go check out this wonderful shop. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Toe cuddling with Dan the Monkey on the couch.


  1. What a great post idea. Cute picture as well!

  2. What an adorable shop she has! Looks like he loves it, too.

  3. Your little BOY looks so cute holding his little monkey.
    Thank you so much for writing about me.
    You are awesome.

  4. I've also purchased from and love her shop!

  5. Such a cute monkey and a great post!

  6. Dulce is great! I've seen her work in person at the Grand Rapids Fulton Street ARtisan Market and even though I'm all grown up - I just want to touch each of those monkeys! And cuddle with them.

  7. LOL @ "BOY" ;-) I'm glad you like your write up.

  8. Great feature -- and the monkey and his owner are adorable!

  9. Great blog! And thanks for the comment on my NEW blog. :) I will follow.