Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Don't Dream of Jeanie

I have great dreams. They're always in full color and so realistic that if I were just a little more guillable, you could convince me they'd really happened. I had two crazy dreams last night. In the first one, an anonymous married couple came running out of the woods. A disembodied announcers voice started talking. "These two people are still very much in love. They owe that to our program, and listening to their 19 favorite Beatles songs over and over." Then a projected image of The Beatles appeared, with the four of them standing around chatting. One of them bent over and kissed the projected image of a little kid on the head. That was the end of that dream.

In the second dream, the kids were going to spend the night at their uncle's house so that M. and I could have some free time. (Wa-hoah!) M. gave me directions to his brother's house. "Go out to Dawson Family Farms Incorporated Road. It used to just be Dawson Farms Road, but they added the factory for tax purposes. Now they make cupcake icing out of cow lard*. It can also be used to grease guitar strings." Dream flashed to the inside of the factory, where Krusty the Klown was the floor supervisor. M. and I appeared in the factory and watched people in white hazmat uniforms shovel icing on giant cupcakes. The icing on almost every cupcake was eaten immediately by another worker, always muttering a "Mmmmmmm!" of delight under their breath.

The End.

* Actually, we get tallow from cows. Lard comes from pigs. My silly dream wasn't very factually accurate last night.


  1. Oh, I wish I had dreams like that :)

  2. What funny dreams! Do you ever try to interpret them?

  3. The cupcake dream made me smile (looove cupcakes), thanks for sharing it :0) I rarely remember my dreams, so love to hear about them.