Friday, January 16, 2009

Check Out My Instock Items

I've been working hard to add some great looking matted photos to the instock section of toeNja Photographs. I take my photos with my digital Canon Rebel XT, and have them professionally printed at a local photography store on high quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper by Fujifilm. I have my photos printed locally because I try to support local businesses whenever I can.

Here is one of the photos I have matted and ready to mail in my instock store. I have several of this photo in stock. It's one of the most popular pictures in my store. I call it Peaceful Sky because the day I took it the sky was gorgeous, bright blue, sun high in the sky, and those clouds were floating like whipped cream through the sky. I had just stepped out of my house and looked up when I saw the clouds were illuminated by the sun. I practically fell running back inside, grabbed my camera, framed the shot and ended up with Peaceful Sky.

I also have this incredible photograph matted and ready to mail. I call it Big Sky and it is very impressive in person. I really love how tiny the houses on the horizon are compared to the hugeness of the rolling storm clouds. I think that this photograph looks incredible shot in black and white.

There are other photos in stock, go check 'em out! toeNja Photography on Etsy! Look in the Ready to Mail for these photos, then have fun browsing around my store for my other selections.