Friday, January 9, 2009

Babywearing Woes

Now that Ja enjoys riding in her carriers again, I'm starting to regret ever sending my two, very nice, Fizzabella ringslings on tour through the US and Canada. When I had the idea to send my two carriers to other parents interested in trying a Fizzy she was still in her six month long, never ending, practically torturous babywearing strike. I was convinced she'd never tolerate being put in a carrier again and had resigned to having to carry her little 26 pound bulk. As any parent can tell you, these little ones get heavy fast!

The thing I regret is that both slings started their tour in Canada, and apparently are still up there. I tried several times to figure out their whereabouts with no luck. I'm told there was a postal strike and that the postal service in Canada is just slow in general. I don't know if that's the reason why my slings are stuck in another country, but I do know this is the last time I send anything I might ever need again on a goodwill tour. Now that Ja loves being worn again, having a ringsling would be very handy for walking through parking lots, going into the bank, and going into stores that don't have shopping buggies. All I have left from my formerly huge collection of carriers is my 3.6 meter Leo Turquoise Storchenwiege, which is our legacy carrier and will never be sold, and our brand new Catbird Baby mei tai, which we call her "Uncle Ian backride".

I don't blame the people who had my carriers last for them being lost. I've known both of them for a couple of years, they are both sweet people and I just couldn't imagine they would keep the slings for themselves. I don't know exactly what happened to them, but I can tell you that I've learned two lessons from this situation. A babywearing strike can last for months, and never let more than one person at a time borrow something.

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